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Am an ONFYX member since last 6 months. It's been a wonderful journey here. We exchange many referrals and lot of collaborations happen here. Am proud to b a member of this ONFYX family🙏 all thanks to Kumail sir, Neha mam and Sridhar sir who have supported each and every member to step forward in their business..🙏 Looking forward to be a forever memeber in this lovely family 🙏😊
Lekha AmarHerbliss-The Natural Soaps
Lekha Amar Herbliss-The Natural Soaps
onfyx Testimonial Charu Mehta From Charuwriterlance.com
Onfyx is a wonderful networking platform and stands true for its motto “Simply Networking”. It’s been a year that I have been associated with them and I have been able to expand my network multi-folds. As a content writer & editor, I have provided my services to many clients on this platform and so many members have given me referrals for different projects across multiple industries. I am really glad to be a part of this wonderful platform. I am proud to be an ONFYXian.
Charu MehtaCharuwriterlance.com
Wonderful platform just with simply networking, enabling more opportunities for business and generating good referrals. Myself being in a very unique category, offering services like Salt cave Therapy and sensory deprivation float experience it is very difficult to target the niche for my business. ONFYX helped me solving this issue. Now I am getting collaborated with right businesses who can compliment my business. I got good connections cross region too, just by being in this network it is possible to get connected and collaborations are very much possible in a friendly business entrepreneurs group. I am really glad to be part of ONFYX.
Deepthi BabuFounder of Salt World (www.saltworld.in)
onfyx Testimonial Deepthi Babu Founder of Salt World
Networking made Simple Connecting with Entrepreneurs without boundaries across countries
I have been a member of the Onfyx Chapter for over 3 Months now and have not regretted a minute.I have received new business from multiple referrals within the group.This I am grateful for – in addition to the new connections I have formed with other business people. I look forward to catching up with them at each meeting and being able to reciprocate on referrals. The meeting format and frequency enables members of our group to really get to know my business, and I their businesses so that trusted referrals can naturally flow. From my experience these two factors (understanding and trust) are essential in order for someone to refer business to you.I would strongly recommend ONFYX to any business person – at least attend a couple of meetings and then determine if it’s right for you.
VenkateshAnjanne Tech. One Stop Solution for your Mobile Accessories and Gadgets
onfyx Team member Venkatesh Anjanne Tech.
Happy to share received one referral from Mr sanjay kumar, Onfyx member one month back.Yesterday registration happened successfully. Closed deal of 82L.Also happy to share smiley faces of buyers and sellers together.Thank you Onfyx
Kiran Kumar Property consultant
ONFYX is a very simple and straight forward networking forum for beginners as well as seasoned business owners who want to connect with a wide variety of entrepreneurs to strengthen their business network and collaborations.The time which is spent in each meeting is worth while and the two times a week meeting certainly increases the bonding between the members which results in business conversions and connections.I would highly recommend ONFYX to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to form a strong and credible business network which will be helpful for them in all faucets of their business
VK ArunachaleesvaranInternational Financial Services
onfyx testimonial from arun