4 reasons why networking is essential for Business growth

A career is an essential aspect of life that one gets to after years of hard work and education. These aspects play an essential part, but for further growth of your career, you need a bit more from your end.

Networking can help you do that extra bit to advance your career to newer heights. It is one of the most sought strategies adopted by many to increase the presence and take advantage of the networking platform to develop relationships lasting for a long time.

Along with this, several aspects of networking make it imperative to impart some effort to build connections to achieve aspired professional growth.

Networking has everything you need to grow your business.

While this may not be a fact at the same, it can’t be denied that many individuals have managed to succeed in their careers through efficient networking they have developed over the period.

However, it is also necessary to ensure the ones you are engaging with can positively affect your career and are relevant to your domain so that you don’t have to connect with anyone or everyone.

Understanding why networking is essential for business growth before we move on to other aspects of networking is necessary.

  • A forum to culminate learnings and values

    One can never know everything. We all learn new things every day. A successful career culminates in the information gathered and learning absorbed over time. A forum such as this is an ideal place to parcel ideas and advice to sustain a long-term relationship. These ideas foster changes in career growth and adopt smooth practices. If allowed, these ideas can facilitate changes in life out of the office too.


  • Networking can help one stand out.

    To a greater extent, business growth also depends on how well it has been communicated with the rest. With networking, you have a chance to do that too. It is possible to gain attention with relevant knowledge and expertise. Sharing it with the rest is essential to build connections that can aid business growth.


  • Networking opens gates to newer opportunities.

    This strategy improves your visibility and, thus, newer opportunities. Interacting with professionals opens up the domain and skills for you to explore and build skills relevant to the field. In this way, networking can aid your career growth with better opportunities and more information.


  • Look back at your qualifications.

    Networking can do a lot only when it is utilized efficiently. This platform allows you to explore more levels of your discipline and your chosen career. The venue, along with connections, can also give you a bird’s eye view of how others have developed jobs coming from a similar position as yours.

In the present-day, networking aided with hard and clever work is the way forward. These are a few advantages of how networking can help a career thrive. You will experience many more once you have put your foot in this domain and used it to its true potential.

What is ONFYX?

ONFYX – stands for Open Networking Facilitated by Yes trust Exchange. We are associated with a trust and 1.5yr old. We facilitate engagement and introductions  amongst members via different social activities, job  placement assistance or business transactions.

Why to choose ONFYX?

We at Onfyx don’t have strict rules for you like others do to have you join offline meetings, even if you are from any corner, you can join us virtually.

Through networking, you’ll be able to meet other small company owners who can act like mentors and sources of inspiration once you launch your business. By actively engaging in networking within your neighborhood and industry, you can build your profile and attract attention to your business. People prefer to conduct business with individuals they are familiar with. Therefore, by establishing a presence through networking, you enhance the likelihood that they will choose to do business with you.

No matter what stage of startup you’re in, you would like people to know about  your company. Sales are necessary. As soon as you begin networking this occurs. A plan is required to attend a business Networking event. Once you visit networking events, keep your aim in mind. Are you there to present your new business? Do you want funding? Or do you want both funding and a connection? Business cards could seem dated to some, however they’re one dated practice that’s here to stay.

Our unique features

  1. Annual membership fees 2000 INR only
  2. 350+ members from across the globe
  3. Crew meet every week to give visibility to members’ business
  4. One offline meeting every month to enable networking and to increase bonding
  5. 17cr business done till date
  6. Business collaborations like no other
  7. No mandatory tasks/ compulsion to attend meetings – attend at your will!

You will meet people who can improve your business by collaborating on social media platforms or attending business events across the world. You won’t find other opportunities just like the confidence, drive, exposure, relationships, and prequalified recommendations you receive from networking

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