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The 5 Best Ways To Boost Your Startup’s Through Networking

There is no formal school where you can create your core network, businesses are always changing, and the climate can be very different from traditional sectors. As a result, building a connection and boost up your startup’s is a little different than it is in the typical professional environment. But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it appears. In an ever-changing world, how can you find peers?

Here are 5 easy steps to take your business networking to the next level.

1. Conduct research-

Of course, before you can begin, you must first determine who, where, when, and why. Read about the industry you are hoping to join, research companies’ backgrounds, and find the events you want to attend. Seek out entrepreneurs you admire, as well as individuals who have previously held your job. It’ll help build your path and boost up your Startup.


2. Attend a startup networking event-

Okay, this one’s obvious, but we had to mention it. If you’re interested in a certain element, such as technology, look for a specialist event to meet individuals in your profession. As a result, you’ll be introduced to other company founders, workers, and entrepreneurs. Everyone is there for the same reason: they want to communicate. It will give you ideas for your next stages and possibly even where you want your career to go. This is also an excellent opportunity to hone your effective communication abilities. Once you’ve laid this foundation, you need to take the next step.


3. Join a Meetup-

There are all kinds of groups on Meetup, including startup groups. They range from the general to the really particular. Do you want to connect with other who write PHP or with people who specialise in Business Intelligence? Not a problem! Joining a Meetup can connect you with individuals who share your interests and alert you to additional important activities. Some people I know attend weekly breakfast gatherings to keep the momentum continuing. Great idea!


4. Use social media platforms-

This may seem apparent, but don’t overlook LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media can help you connect with people in technological fields and can also help in boosting up your startup. Also, keep an eye out for related topics or talks on various social media networks. A discussion in a LinkedIn group, for example, may help you identify key connections.


5. Keep in touch with your connections-

Doing all of the above is great, but if you don’t keep in touch with your connections, your hard work won’t be sustained. Follow up with them, but not too much – just a quick note to let them know you’re still around.

What is ONFYX?

ONFYX – stands for Open Networking Facilitated by Yes trust Exchange. We are associated with a trust and 1.5yr old. We facilitate engagement and introductions  amongst members via different social activities, job  placement assistance or business transactions.

Why to choose ONFYX?

We at Onfyx don’t have strict rules for you like others do to have you join offline meetings, even if you are from any corner, you can join us virtually.

Through networking, you’ll be able to meet other small company owners who can act like mentors and sources of inspiration once you launch your business. By getting engaged in your neighborhood and industry through networking, you build your profile and draw attention to your business. folks wish to do business with people they know, therefore by establishing yourself through networking, you increase the chance that they’ll.

No matter what stage of startup you’re in, you would like people to know about  your company. Sales are necessary. As soon as you begin networking this occurs. A plan is required to attend a business Networking event. Once you visit networking events, keep your aim in mind. Are you there to present your new business? Do you want funding? Or do you want both funding and a connection? Business cards could seem dated to some, however they’re one dated practice that’s here to stay.

Our unique features

  1. Annual membership fees 2000 INR only
  2. 350+ members from across the globe
  3. Crew meet every week to give visibility to members’ business
  4. One offline meeting every month to enable networking and to increase bonding
  5. 17cr business done till date
  6. Business collaborations like no other
  7. No mandatory tasks/ compulsion to attend meetings – attend at your will!

You will meet people who can improve your business by collaborating on social media platforms or attending business events across the world. You won’t find other opportunities just like the confidence, drive, exposure, relationships, and prequalified recommendations you receive from networking

Are you ready to join us?

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