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5 Tips to Make Networking ideas Work for You

The process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients or customers is known as business networking. The intangible gains made by communicating with other professionals in or related to your industry are referred to as business networking benefits. Developing relationships as a business owner and offering assistance to others does more than give you potential clients or generate referrals. Networking ideas can help you identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of business expansion.


1.Enqire about your connections-

Enquire about how people prefer to stay connected as you build a relationship- Please don’t assume you can start texting people after your first meeting. I’m old school, and I always ask people which modes of communication they prefer. I don’t ask right away, but if I get the chance, I try to find out what they prefer. Yes, texting is the quickest way to get an answer from many people nowadays, but it is also reserved for the most intimate relationships. Don’t start texting until you’ve established that level of trust. The right networking idea is essential in building your business.

2.Be prepared-

It only takes 15 minutes to do a Google search, read The Business Journals, make a phone call or two, and get smart before your meeting. Be sure you’re prepared with background information and at least three to five good questions. Without showing up prepared for a networking or job-search meeting, you come across as unmotivated and as having wasted time making the other person tell you about their firm. It’s difficult to recover from a bad first impression, and you’re unlikely to get another chance. So, be prepared with your networking ideas.

3.Use caution when name dropping-

There is a fine line between using a name to elevate your status with a person you are networking with and offending them. While you want to show the person you’re meeting with that you’ve done your homework and know someone at the company, if you use that person’s name too often or share too many “war stories,” you may come across as a lightweight, schmoozer, etc. It’s always a good idea to make a reference or two to someone you know who works at the firm or has a shared connection, but make sure those people know and care about one another. This will also give you a right networking idea.

4.Be open to meeting-

A variety of people with whom you can build your network,yes, yes, we all want the decision-maker, especially in sales. However, keep in mind that your networking idea can assist you in gaining access to other people. Don’t be a snob and only connect with people at the top of their profession.

5.Think about building your network in more ways than 1-on-1-

We want people’s time and we want to build a relationship, but often if we go for a one-on-one meeting, we won’t get access to the person. The more successful someone is, the more they guard their time. Rather than hounding them, see if you can attend an event where they might be present, or host a lunch and invite people who they might find useful. Consider how you can expand your network without increasing the number of hours you spend each week on relationship building.

What is ONFYX?

ONFYX – stands for Open Networking Facilitated by Yes trust Exchange. We are associated with a trust and 1.5yr old. We facilitate engagement and introductions  amongst members via different social activities, job  placement assistance or business transactions.

Why to choose ONFYX?

We at Onfyx don’t have strict rules for you like others do to have you join offline meetings, even if you are from any corner, you can join us virtually.

Through networking, you’ll be able to meet other small company owners who can act like mentors and sources of inspiration once you launch your business. By getting engaged in your neighborhood and industry through networking, you build your profile and draw attention to your business. folks wish to do business with people they know, therefore by establishing yourself through networking, you increase the chance that they’ll.

No matter what stage of startup you’re in, you would like people to know about  your company. Sales are necessary. As soon as you begin networking this occurs. A plan is required to attend a business Networking event. Once you visit networking events, keep your aim in mind. Are you there to present your new business? Do you want funding? Or do you want both funding and a connection? Business cards could seem dated to some, however they’re one dated practice that’s here to stay.

Our unique features

  1. Annual membership fees 2000 INR only
  2. 350+ members from across the globe
  3. Crew meet every week to give visibility to members’ business
  4. One offline meeting every month to enable networking and to increase bonding
  5. 17cr business done till date
  6. Business collaborations like no other
  7. No mandatory tasks/ compulsion to attend meetings – attend at your will!

You will meet people who can improve your business by collaborating on social media platforms or attending business events across the world. You won’t find other opportunities just like the confidence, drive, exposure, relationships, and prequalified recommendations you receive from networking

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